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Ultimately, our clients come to us for our creativity, expertise and perspective, while our people join us because of the nature of our work and what we achieve. Therefore we have a talent proposition designed to ensure we are expert in walking the walk when it comes to research, insight, innovation and design.

We’re continually working in new areas with new audiences and capabilities – yet always at the intersection of people, business and technology. Therefore we need to be ever comfortable with learning and exploring what could be and what is possible, cultivating creativity and applying ideas with intelligenc

We invest more than double the industry average in learning and development, we have a 4-day week, we have oodles of resources and we have protected time to work on personal research and development projects. What’s not to like?

At Thinkshifts we choose to work on projects with meaning, where there is an opportunity for profound and positive impact on people’s lives. Whether it’s internal R&D or client work, we aim to create sustained change and deliver long-term value.

At Thinkshifts we walk the talk and do a 4-day week. We don’t work on Fridays. Instead we chose to use that time growing as people. We firmly believe that creativity, ideas and innovation require room to breathe and space to gestate and the 9–5 (designed in the 1800s for the manufacture of goods) is the antithesis of that.

Back-end Engineer

You will focus on web services and the data storage (data modeling and databases). You may also be involved with business rule implementation logic.

Front-end Engineer

front-end web developer or designer, selects, installs and tests the user interface elements of a website/app of our clients.

Software Architect

A software developer expert who makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms.

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