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From our early days helping organizations within United Kingdom & Africa with meaningful scalable technology – Thinkshifts is now one of the most loved engineering & design company. We optimize organization's processes and cultures.

Agility is the value we bring. Our iterative approach means you’re continually involved, helping shape and refine what we’re creating for you. It means the final product will do what your organisation actually needs it to do, even if you haven’t firmed up what that is at the start.


Years Experience
Creating Products - Mobile App, Web App, Enterprise App & IT Support services

We are innovating fresh organization and technology solutions to solve real problems faced by people and communities.

Thinkshifts develops and delivers a next-generation software products for key sectors:
Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Real Estate, Recruitment & Payment.

Technology Agnostic

We don’t focus on technologies, we focus on solutions, whatever technology it takes.

User-Centric Solutions

We don’t believe in fitting a technology to fix a problem, we believe in finding a digital solution for you, whatever technology it takes.

Shared Successes

We work with companies worldwide, creating bespoke solutions for bespoke challenges.

We have the capability to transform technology into a powerful asset that allows our clients to flourish and grow. We use technology to help you achieve your goals and make deeper connections with your customers. We’re technology agnostic.

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