Our Purpose:

We are improving businesses and individuals in Africa by investing massive fund into technology, branding, design and media.

Our Values:

They constitute our undiluted strength highly held as seen in the life of the Principal and nurtured in every employee of Thinkshifts aiming to realize Purpose everyday.

In Heritage, Creativity with Excellence:

Constantly delivering projects with bespoke excellence. Our Principal who has been in business over 20years inherited marveling business culture and progressive tradition. This makes clients to keep us as a top priority, employees excited to work on projects and stakeholders beyond satisfaction.

In Innovation, Growth:

We have always strived not only to meet our client expectations, but also to go beyond. However, competition at the global level has become increasingly intense, with client expectations on our services. In this kind of business environment we should not rely too much on our past success, but bravely face the challenges that lie ahead, and implement innovation for advancement. Innovation with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm is the source of growth for Thinkshifts.

In Result, Speed and Accuracy:

The urgency to get things done with a perfect function and beautiful form. Through this process, our priceless value is seen in timeliness and efficiency to get project out for our client beyond satisfactory level.

In Diversity, Strength:

The Thinkshifts' clients, business partners, shareholders, and employees are spread throughout the world. The importance of disciplining oneself and respecting others, in order to build richer relationships with clients/stakeholders, is inherent in these words. Our employees are able to communicate within Nigeria fluently with Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo while overseas we demonstrate good knowledge and communication skills with English and French. In opening the path toward a future, our diversity is a source of strength for Thinkshifts to be flexible in responding to clients and to changes in the business environment.

Thinkshifts Limited